The Official Cat Online Shop – So Why Us?

Hi we are Sarah and Dave co owners of Cat online shop and we love cats as much as you do!

We are the proud owners of 5 fur babies as well as being heavily involved in cat rescue and charity work.

We believe in Adopt Don’t Shop and are advocates of giving shelter and rescue cats a home over buying from pet shops which supports the unnecessary breeding of cats leading to the 1.4 million cats euthanised each year in the US just because they don’t have a home.

Whilst we incur operating costs to run this website we pledge a minimum of 10% of all monthly proceeds to worthwhile cat protection and cat welfare causes.

Formed in 2013 Official Cat Online Shop is a one stop shop for all things feline.

Take a look through our educational and entertaining blogs and videos that will make you laugh, cry or be intrigued.

We have hand picked a selection of quality products from cat food to accessories, furniture to toys and much more that you can purchase through our Amazon store and we hope you adore the as much as us.

When it comes to giving our kittys the best in life we don’t think twice, so join us today in the mutual appreciation of our beloved feline friends at OFFICIAL CAT ONLINE SHOP.